Kravat Services

How Can We Help You?

Public Affairs

* Engagement
* Relationship building
* Political reputation management
* Public consultation strategy and implementation
* Market and competitor analysis
* Stakeholder management
* Training and education

Media Relations

When do you need working media relations?
* Launching of a new product/service
* Initiating new factories/offices
* Publishing financial results
* Considering IPO or other listing/major changes in the ownership of the company
* Promoting organization sponsored events or awards
* Launching of organization promotional campaigns
* Wanting to influence regulations/legistlation
* When influenced by disasters, strikes or organizational closures
* Receiving awards/accolades for the company
* When company dignitaries/celebrities visit
* Involving in local/community activities
* Engaging Community


Build – Do right things and learn the right ways to tell your audiences about them. Build relations and earn the trust of both your key audiences directly and the press.

* Maintain – Keep up the work, when a proper reputation is established. It’s not just repetition, it’s a constantly re-inventing ways to maintain your reputation in a constantly changing world.

* Recover – Crises communication is just the first phase. Getting rid of a bad reputation needs hard work. Regain your good reputation by starting from the basics: Do the right thing, again and again. And then, promote the New You to your audiences.