Reputation Design

It’s not about just maintaining, it’s about building and designing.
It’s having  your whole team fully onboard with your communication strategy and plans, pushing your business strategy.
It’s about being honest, living your brand.
It’s about being creatively reactive, seizing the moment.
That’s how communication becomes your extra player on the court, both in offence and defence.

* Build – Do right things and learn the right ways to tell your audiences about them. Build relations and earn the trust of both your key audiences directly and the press.

* Maintain – Keep up the work, when a proper reputation is established. It’s not just repetition, it’s a constantly re-inventing ways to maintain your reputation in a constantly changing world.

* Recover – Crises communication is just the first phase. Getting rid of a bad reputation needs hard work. Regain your good reputation by starting from the basics: Do the right thing, again and again. And then, promote the New You to your audiences.

Maintaining Reputation is not enough
1) Monitor your reputation.
2) Make and follow a response plan.
3) Stay calm, respond politely to negative feedback.
4) Build on positive feedback.
5) Measure your results.
6) Take communication a part of of your daily business life.

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