Kravat Oy
Consulting, Exports, Communications, Events, Media, Publishing
– in English and Finnish, globally and locally.

We do…
– Corporate Communications
– Public Affairs & Government Relations
– Press Relations
– Export Consulting
– Crisis & Issues Management
– Corporate Reputation
– Storytelling
– Media & Presentation Coaching
– Media Content
– Social Media Coaching
– Event Development & Hosting
– Startups
– Brainstorming
– Digital & Creative Communications
– Communication Software Development
– Auditing Communication
And more.

Jan Erola, the CEO of Kravat has more than two decades of experience of communications, journalism, publishing, events and performing for a live audience.


Jan Erola/LinkedIN

In Co-operation
DigiRehab Consortium / FinlandHealth
Funny Films (video and film productions)

Salo IoT Campus